A reflection to the lessons learned in 2019:


Trust is a fundamental tool which can transform or tear you down. We must apply correct tools of analysis before we enter into any trust-ship with anyone we come across. People come into your life with different intentions(be it good or bad).


Choose your friends based on their culture, and spirit. Your friend will kill your dream or cause it to manifest. Your friend guides you towards your journey. One friend whose compatible to your belief system is better than many friends with belief systems that are contrary to yours.


Where there’s a vision there’s a way. Your vision requires 5Ps for it to manifest into the realm;1. Passion, 2. Positivity, 3. Persistence, 4. Plan, 5. Purpose. When love is at work great outcomes prevails. When we refuse to dwell in the house of negativity, we propel ourselves towards positive results. The ability to stand and wait is called persistence. A pool of persistent soldiers conquers every foe they come across. Plan simplifies the path we supposed to take to complete the journey we undertake. Everyone is bestowed with a Divine Purpose. To locate it is a privilege. The moment you understand when you were born and why you were born the better.


Your partner can block your blessings. A partner whose always angry and seeking to start infighting is poisonous. I’m not suggesting that you leave your partner. If she’s drowning from the pool of anger attempt to help her, if she’s not willing to be helped then forget. Your partner should be your anchor. Your partner should help you to clear the thin mist along the journey and motivate you. Why motivation; Zig Ziglar once said “motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it everyday”. We need motivation especially when we face hardships. Relationships are therefore meant to uplift us.

Failing forward

To fail is to win a lesson that cannot be gained by the benchwarmer. I have failed on a number of initiatives, some have died prematurely, whilst some have seen the light but they couldn’t reach the sustainability phase. I have failed many times. Sometimes you have to befriend failure for you to understand the essence of it. Failure is never meant to take you out of the game or crush you; failure is directed to you in-order to equip you, sharpen your mind, and leave you with wisdom to sail through. However if you refuse to admit, learn from your failures, and use it as stepping stone, You will always fail backwards. To fail forward is to fail to solve one equation more than 20times but still have the courage to carry on without ceasing.

Authored by: Elona




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